September 27, 2023

Former SAM President Endorses Candidate

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Past President of the Sportsman’s Alliance of Maine, Matthew Scott, is endorsing candidate Penelope Morrell for the vacant Legislative seat for District 83 in Maine. Below are the reasons he gives as found in a letter to the editor of the Morning Sentinel.

She supports the Maine tradition of hunting, fishing and trapping, which is our Maine heritage.

She is concerned about the environment and our economy and that we cannot have one without the other.

She saw to it her children had a college education and knows how important that is to our younger generation.

She is concerned about taxes, how government costs have increased, and wants to address tax issues with an open mind, not with a “meat ax approach.”

Maine’s economy is more resource-dependent than ever, and she continues to support the small-business base of our outdoor economy, wanting that sustainability continued.

Being from Belgrade does make a difference in my support of her candidacy. Belgraders stick together.

Tom Remington