October 3, 2022

There's More To Illegal Immigration Than Crossing the Border

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Before you get all in a huff or think that I’m going political outside of hunting, hang on for a second. This is actually a follow-up on a story I did awhile back about a group cleaning up the deserts of Arizona. The organization was called Hunters Who Care and in short they have spent about 4 years cleaning up garbage left behind by illegals coming into this country. The trash has amounted to 6 1/2 tons. The illegals spend considerable time living in the desert areas waiting for information, connections, friends or relatives to pick them up etc.

I was watching Hannity and Colmes on Fox last night while waiting for my daughter to get home so I could be relieved of my babysitting duties. At some point in their program, they did an update on what was going on in Arizona near the border. I believe the story was about the citizen patrols (Minutemen) keeping an eye on activity at the border.

Cameras went out into the desert and filmed the trash left behind by the Mexicans. It was unbelievable! What a mess! What many people don’t realize is this is good hunting grounds. What that actually means is this is great, or maybe I should be using past tense here, habitat for many different species of wildlife. This link will let you view the video from Fox News.

Where are the eco-nuts? Where are the animal rights groups now? This is worse than anything a deer or bear hunter ever thought of doing to the environment. Why aren’t these groups that are spending so much time bothering innocent trappers in northern Maine who might errantly trap a lynx or a bald eagle, all up in arms and threatening lawsuits against Arizona or the Federal Government? Surely their time and money could be better spent putting a stop to this hideous destruction of our environment.

When I learned about the efforts of the Arizona group, Hunters Who Care, I guess I couldn’t visualize what they might be up against until I saw the film footage from Fox News. This group has collected 6 1/2 tons of trash in 4 years. I’ll bet in one area where they panned their cameras in about a quarter of an acre, one 12 yard dump truck wouldn’t have been able to haul the mess.

Maybe it’s time for the environmentalist to get involved in something worthwhile or maybe it’s not part of their agenda.

Tom Remington