December 11, 2023

Grolar Bear or Pizzly Bear?

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No, it’s way too early in the morning to have had too much to drink. Actually, anytime for me is the wrong time to have had anything to drink, so what’s up with the title?

A big game hunter forked out about $50,000 for a polar bear hunt. He acquired all the right permits, got himself a reputable guide who has been at this business for a long time and set out to bring home a polar bear.

During their hunt, both men spotted a polar bear. Jim Martell, the American hunter, hesitated for a second and the guide told him to shoot. So he did. BANG!

Martell had himself a polar bear, or was it? It looked like a polar bear but it wasn’t the bright white normally seen on the arctic beast. It was kind of a dirty blonde. The guide told Martell he may have shot a cross-bred bear – a polar bear and grizzly cross breed, which is extremely rare.

Only the beginning! A wildlife officer has confiscated the hide from Martell and has sent it for DNA testing to determine which species of bear he has killed. If it is determined to be a grizzly, he faces charges of illegal possession of wildlife because he didn’t have a permit for grizzlies. That could bring him a $1,000 fine or one year in the pokie!

The moral to this story? A bear in the hand makes you wish it were back in the bush. Or try this one: Confucious say, “Bear who look dirty lead to grizzly mess.” Or, “Don’t look a gift bear in………ah, forget it!

Tom Remington