June 3, 2023

Chronic Wasting Disease – It's All in the Tongue

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What has been suspected as the leading cause in the spread of the fatal chronic wasting disease has been proven to be fact. Deer and elk tongues are the culprits.

Prions are the infectious agent that causes CWD and now it is proven to reside in the tongues of deer and elk. When these animals eat, drool, kiss, lick, sniff and a host of other activities that can easily get saliva on other things and other animals, it is very likely the disease will be passed on.

Even normal grazing of the animals will leave traces of saliva. Other animals will come behind and graze in the same location and ingest the prions. Once ingested, they spread from the guts eventually ending up in the brain and from their, the prions seem to find a safe haven in the tongues.

Knowing how the disease is spread, can be a major step toward preventing further infections and possibly a cure.

Tom Remington