February 2, 2023

In Case You Were Wondering, The Brits Have Anti-Hunting and Animal Rights Groups Too

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I don’t suppose it really matters where you go these days there are people who have nothing better to do in their life than make fools of themselves. I write often about the so-called animal rights groups in this country but other countries have them too.

In Britain, Prince Charles is being chastised by the animal rights activists for donating deer hunting trips for four people to the famous Balmoral Estate complete with guides or professional stalkers as they prefer to call them.

The donation came when the Prince was contacted about making some kind of donation to a charity auction to raise money for people suffering from motor neuron disease and breast cancer.

One man from the Advocates for Animals made this brilliant statement (no, he didn’t have a block of cheese on his head either).

“It is great that Prince Charles wants to help this charity, but given the public opinion on blood sports such as deer stalking, we would question whether it is an appropriate way for this charity to raise funds.

“This charity is all about reducing pain and suffering but accepting this gift condones the pain and suffering of wild animals. It is up to them whether they think it is morally acceptable or not to kill something for fun.”

Unfortunately for people who suffer from diseases such as motor neuron disease and breast cancer, they will have to go on suffering because of idiots who care more for the “rights” of animals than suffering patients.

Tom Remington