January 28, 2023

A Bear Walked Into a Grocery Store the Other Day And…….

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In Alberta, Canada the other day that’s exactly what happened. A black bear walked into a grocery store. The store was equipped with automatic doors and of course when the bear got near the doors, they opened. He figured it was a clear invitation to some good eats.

What would any red-blooded Canadian bear do? Head for the dairy case of course, jump in and help themselves to 15 cakes and some strawberry mousse. He had his fill and left.

The store was open 24 hours and it was just after midnight on May the 2nd. The bear wore no disguises and didn’t appear to be armed. You know in Canada, they don’t necessarily have the right to “bear” arms – oooh sorry!

Officials were summoned and attempts were made to capture the bear and kill it if it returned. So far, the junk food addicted bruin has stayed away and the traps have been removed.

Tom Remington