September 27, 2023

Moose Being Killed in Snare in Newfoundland

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Several moose have been found dead in what officials are calling snares tied to trees in the Trout River area just south of Gros Morne National Park. Authorities have found 5 dead moose entangled in the snare and left to rot, while one official was able to get a yearling moose free.

The idiots that are doing this obviously have no regard for life at all. A poacher would at least utilize the animal it illegally killed. This is a clear case of someone just trying to kill moose, it would seem.

The moose are large enough and strong enough to survive running into the snare even if they were actually moving at a pretty good clip. They get tangled up in the ropes and wires and can’t get free. From there they either exhaust themselves to death, starve or a combination of both.

It is hopeful officials will be able to find those responsible for this. Perhaps they should be snared and left to die.

Tom Remington