March 24, 2023

Oregon Wildlife Commission to Decide on Tag Allotments For Game Hunts

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On June 9th, the Oregon Wildlife Commission will meet in Salem to vote on proposals for tag allotments to different game species for hunters. It appears that despite two years of growth in black-tail deer numbers in southern Oregon, there will be no increase in tags issued.

What will change is a proposal for a youth deer hunt in the Applegate Unit, where biologists are recommending to allot 25 tags that will be issued to only youths. In addition to this hunt, officials are seeking approval of another youth only hunt in the Chetco Unit for 2007. 25 tags are also being requested for that.

Officials have other recommendations as well although none that are significant. In southern Oregon the Roosevelt Elk controll hunt in the Chetco Unit, authorities are asking for an increase from 40 to 45 tags.

Across the rest of the state biologists want a 5% reduction in big horn sheep tags, a 4% increase in pronghorn tags and an 8% increase in tags issued for the spring bear hunt.

Statewide officials are asking for a 10% increase in bull and either sex elk tags and a 2% reduction in antlerless tags for elk.

Tom Remington