March 24, 2023

Humane Society Wants New Jersey Governor To Stop Killing Bears

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The National Humane Society has contacted the New Jersey Governor’s office and asked that Gov. Corzine step in and change the policy that goes with the new “Bear Exclusion Zone”. On Monday, I brought you this story about a bear found wandering about in downtown Trenton near the Environmental Protection office. Officers captured and killed the bear. As part of the bear exclusion zone, any bears found in the designated areas will be captured and killed.

On Wednesday, a 300-pound black bear was found cornered in a backyard in Irvington. Officials there said the bear reared up on his hind legs and looked ready to attack. The bear was also killed.

A spokesperson for the Governor’s office answered the pleas, “The bear management policy in place puts the safety and security of families first.”

Right! Corzine has stated in the past that he is opposed to the New Jersey bear hunt but he thinks it’s okay to slaughter bears because they have no more room to roam and eat. Yet the Humane Society is requesting the Governor to stop this policy. They didn’t just request the commissioner to stop the bear hunt. If there objective is to protect the animals, what’s the difference whether the Governor kills the bears or hunters do?

Tom Remington