January 30, 2023

Wisconsin Wolf Will Be Killed

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I mentioned in a story the other day about a wolf or wolf hybrid that had attacked a cow calf and a pet dog in the Wisconsin Dells region near Newport. Officials have set traps in an attempt to capture the animal. It is more than likely that the wolf will be killed as is the proceedure when they have become a problem with human encounters.

A wolf protection group based out of Colorado is attempting to influence the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources and get them to not kill the animal. They are asking that the wolf be shipped to their wolf sanctuary in Colorado.

The newspapers, in two reports I have read, have described the effort by the wolf activist group as “a massive e-mail campaign”. Upon further review, the massive e-mail campaign amounts to about 100 e-mails sent by supporters of the Colorado based wolf group. None of the e-mails received by the DNR came from Wisconsin.

Wisconsin law prohibits the exportation of any wolf outside the state and officials said even if the law wasn’t there they wouldn’t ship the wolf because of liability issues.

In Colorado, the wolf sanctuary called Wolves Offered Life and Friendship, sits on 180 acres near Ft. Collins. They have 27 wolves there now kept in enclosures. This group believes they are offering life and friendship to wolves by taking them in and caging them up.

It is the policy of the USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service to euthanize problem wolves.

Tom Remington