January 27, 2023

Big Buck Tracking School in the North Woods of Maine

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This is a rerun of the story I did on April 27, 2006

Everyone dreams of bagging a trophy deer. Some are infatuated with antlers, some by body mass and weight. I know some whitetail deer chasers that are obsessed with tracking, some with stil- hunting and others sitting in a tree. Ever wonder what it would be like to come face to face, or as close as one could imagine, with a monster buck that had never seen a human before? Ever wonder what that deer’s reactions and actions would be?

It can happen and it does happen every deer hunting season. But not everywhere. Maine has vast wilderness with acres of wooded space to hunt. I need to tell you right up front that hunting in these woods is not an easy task. There also are not a lot of deer, at least by some hunters standards. You could spend countless hours chasing hopes and dreams unless you know where to go and what to do once you got there.

Are you interested in learning how to track monster bucks, where to find them, ensure you won’t get lost and hone your shooting skills so you won’t miss that once in a lifetime opportunity?

Now you can! The Allagash Sporting Camps, located in Allagash, Maine is hosting a three-day tracking school. This event is scheduled for June 16, 17, and 16, 2006, is limited to the first 15 hunters who secure a spot AND there are still a few openings.

I called Mike Paquette, owner of the Allagash Sporting Camps yesterday, to get more information and find out if there was still some room. Mike informed me that there was some room but if you’re interested, not to wait. Hunters are flying into from all over the country.

The tracking school will be in three parts Mike says. First, professional instructors are going to teach hunters how to enter the big woods and not get lost. Sounds a bit silly but unless you’ve been in the big woods you may not realize just how big it is. If you’re not accustomed to tracking big bucks, you also don’t realize the amount of concentration it takes. Everyone who tracks big bucks has done it before. Get tracking a big buck and the next thing we know, where am I? You have to have the confidence that you can focus all your attention on tracking and not on keeping track of where you are.

A second part will focus on the tracking aspect of hunting – where to find the big bruisers in thousands of acres of woods and how to recognized signs to know you’re on the right track. The tracking methods, most of which will be conducted by the Benoit brothers, are complex and varied. Trust me! You’ll leave this school with a wealth of knowledge from people who have spent years in the northern Maine woods and they have proof of their effort and skills.

The third part of the school is going to test your skills at shooting. We all want to stalk our buck and catch him standing, just quartering slightly to the left or right, silhouetted by a partially obscure sun in the early morning mist – isn’t going to happen! Once that big guy knows what’s up, more than likely you’ll have only a split second of time to react. Can you? Are you good enough to hit the target?

Below is the banner that the Allagash people are circulating for the event. Give Mike a call now and book your spot. If you’ve ever wondered how to track and how to hunt wilderness trophy bucks, there’s no better school with any better instructors than what you’ll find here.

Tom Remington