December 2, 2022

Locked and Loaded – Beware of Little Old Ladies With Guns

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It was in Sarasota, Florida where a lady, according to a police report, came out of the shopping mall and began locating her car. When she found it, there were four men sitting in it. She dropped her shopping bags, reached into her pocket book and pulled out a gun. She told them she had a gun, knew how to use it and get out of her car.

The men fled like flushed quail. She deposited her bags into the back seat and went to start her car. That’s when she discovered her keys didn’t fit into the ignition – she had the wrong car.

She finally located hers and decided she better go to the local police station and report what had happened. When she got there and began explaining to the officer what happened, he quickly pointed to the end of the counter where four men stood filing a report of a car-jacking done by a little old white-haired woman.

The men opted not to press charges.

Tom Remington