August 8, 2022

Polar Bears and Global Warming

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This morning the New York Times is carrying a story about the debate over what affects, if any, global warming is having on the polar bear. In the northern reaches of the Northwest Territories of Canada, polar bear hunting is allowed and is one of very few economic resources for the local natives.

Environmentalists are always clamoring to instill fear into the masses about global warming. Now they are attempting to halt polar bear hunting saying that global warming along with hunting is going to lead to the extinction of the white beast.

But on the other side of the coin, just as many scientists are saying that the polar bear is thriving world wide and that the only region that seems to be struggling is in the Hudson Bay area.

The article, unlike most from the Times, allows people from both sides of the debate to share their “facts” about the so-called affects of global warming.

The read is good if you are interested in staying abreast of the debate on global warming, learning about the polar bear and how all this affects hunting.

Tom Remington