September 24, 2023

Constitutional Amendment to Protect Hunting Teeters On Fence in South Carolina

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Hunting groups with the support of the NRA have been trying for some time now to get a bill passed through both Houses in South Carolina to bring about a referendum vote on a Constitutional amendment that would guarantee hunting and fishing rights there.

The Bill made it through the House last year and got hung up in the Senate until the end of the session when nothing was done. Once again this year, a similar thing has happened because one Senator, Dick Elliot, doesn’t think the bill is needed.

Although a Senate subcommittee approved the bill, Elliott, D-North Myrtle Beach, moved to table it on Tuesday when the full committee met.

“I think this is one of the most ludicrous things I’ve seen all year,” Elliott said.

It makes no more sense than a constitutional amendment to guarantee people the right to go to church, he said.

“That dog won’t hunt,” Elliott said.

A Senate committee tabled the bill in an 8-7 vote but Senator Tommy Moore pulled the bill out of committee and sent it to the floor for a vote.

If the bill should survive a vote in the Senate, the NRA has a few dollars to use to promote passage of the bill via a referendum vote.

Tom Remington