January 28, 2023

Another Issue With Shooting Ranges

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The Michigan Department of Natural Resources owns and operates a shooting range at the Island Lake Recreation Area. At issue are complaints from nearby residents about the range and the noise it generates. A lawsuit has been filed.

In an attempt to settle the problem and resolve differences, the state is attempting to pass a bill that would send a half-million dollars to the site to remedy the noise issue but it appears that even if that were done, some residents just want the range shut down.

This has always been my beef with many of these same kind of lawsuits that show up across the states to shut down shooting ranges. While the suits claim it is about noise, I believe it is really more about anti-gun attitudes.

Either way, this particular incident is in the hands of the courts. An independent firm has been hired to monitor noise coming from the range to determine if the range is violating any town noise ordinances. A ruling is expected sometime in the near future.

Tom Remington