February 6, 2023

Michigan Will Battle Over Dove Hunting

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The stage is set and the war has begun over dove hunting in Michigan. A ban on dove hunting has been in affect for some time until 2004 when a temporary reprive was enacted in the southernmost part of the state.

Hunters want the hunt to continue while two groups, the Michigan Audubon Society and the Humane Society, have circulated a petition and gotten 300,000 signatures to place the initiative on a ballot. Voters will decide the fate of the hunt.

The anti-hunting groups have mounted a campaign to stop the Citizens for Wildlife Conservation group from utilizing a fundraising compaign to raise money to fight the ban. The CWC advertises sweepstakes tickets on their web site and the anti-hunting groups say this is illegal and needs to be stopped and investigated. Members of the CWC say the fund raiser is legal and was put together specifically to make sure it adhered to all fundraising laws.

The CWC is trying to raise about $3 million to fight the anti-hunting initiative.

Tom Remington