January 30, 2023

Family Fish Day in Bethel, Maine

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Despite the torrential downpours all weekend the Family Fish Day that took place this Saturday over in Bethel was a success. Most people stayed in where it was warm and dry but there were still a lot of children who came out and faced the rain and wind.

I first arrived at my parent’s camp the night before with my 2 older children, Elizabeth and Sam. The following shows them roasting marshmallows over the campfire. This picture was taken about 10pm.

The next morning we woke up to rain coming down in buckets. As you can see from the next picture we were all dressed from head to toe in rain gear.

Not too long after standing around the stocked pond Kiley Walker from the Bethel Area reeled in one of the only 2 fish (trout) caught all day. The following are the 3 pictures I took.

After an hour or two of fishing we all sat under the outdoor tent trying to remain warm and dry. The following is a picture of my 2 kids sitting at one of the picnic tables.

MIF&W came and helped out and provided fishing poles for everybody to use.

Alpacas were even there:

Then it was time to do our give aways. There were a ton of prizes to be given out and many kids walked away with a smile. Our very own Tom Remington announced the give aways. As you can see from the following picture he is presenting a nice tackle box to be given away:

My daughter Elizabeth walked away with a nice fishing pole:

Though it rained all weekend we had a great time and it was a great experience for those kids who came out and made it happen. Next year let’s hope the sun is shining and we can get more kids to come out and have fun. I did happen to get a nice picture of the covered bridge at the Big Adventure Center, where the event was held.

Steven Remington