May 28, 2023

Mississippi Governor Signs Hunting Bills

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Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour signed three hunting bills that will directly affect hunting. The three bills were supported strongly by the Mississippi Sportsman’s Caucus.

One bill, in which I consider to be instrumental and one to keep an eye on, is an apprentice hunting license – a one-time license for juniors age 12-16. This license will allow them to go hunting with a licensed adult hunter prior to taking a hunter safety course. The arguement has been heard in states all over the U.S. that young hunters are detered from trying the sport because they don’t want to take a hunter safety course first in order to find out if they think they will like it.

Another bill signed by the Governor provides for a no-net-loss of public lands. Essentially what that means is any land that is taken away from hunters must be replaced with the same amount and similar habitat.

A third bill bans Internet hunting.

Tom Remington