April 1, 2023

U.S. Hunting Today – Employment Opportunities

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U.S. Hunting Today now has employment opportunities. We will be adding more in the near future so make sure to check back. You can see all job offers here:

Currently we are looking for several people to become part of our permanent staff. I will copy and paste the position below:

Regional Marketing Directors

*Must be a strong leader
*Must be a self motivator
*Must be good with people
*Must be able to sell
*Must have prior advertising and promotion experience
*Must have ability to travel within region
*Must be able to build long lasting relationships with other people
*Must have a business and marketing mindset
*Must be able to see opportunities when they arise
*Must be knowledgeable about hunting and fishing

Job Description:
Full-time position. A Regional Marketing Director will be marketing, advertising, and promoting U.S. Hunting Today within a region. Your job will be to educate the market with our advertising services and keep an ongoing business relationship by follow up visits and phone calls.

Payment is based on performance. All Regional Marketing Directors will receive 40% of all sales generated by the clients you have gained. You will also receive 40% from ALL repeat sales. This is why building long lasting relationships is crucial to your success.

If you are interested in this position please contact us via email first at jobs@ushuntingtoday.com with your name and tell us a little bit about who you are and why you are interested in this position.