January 28, 2023

Congressional Bill to Protect Gun Rights

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With June first being the official start of the hurricane season, the winds in Washington are blowing at times more fiercely than most hurricanes do. Congress is working to get a bill passed that would ensure that law enforcement officials can’t randomly go about taking away the guns of law abiding citizens during a catastrophe like hurricane Katrina.

Right after Katrina blew into town and the media was spewing out garbage about gangs running rampant in New Orleans shooting and looting, the city police moved in and began collecting all guns when people needed them most for protection.

Since Katrina, Louisiana, New Hampshire, Virginia, Florida and Arizona, have passed laws that would prohibit this from happening but there are several members of Congress who would like to ensure that no local or state law enforcement can do this.

The NRA, Gun Owners of America and many other gun rights groups support the proposed legislation. Gun control groups oppose it. No big surprises here.

Carrie Sheffield, in an article in The HIll, writes that Joshua Horowitz, director of the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, sees things considerably different than the rest of the world.

Joshua Horowitz, director of the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, said there is a lack of evidence showing post-Katrina residents of New Orleans were under grave danger without their firearms.

“There’s been a lot of hyperbole on this,” Horowitz said. “There’s evidence that the police were doing their job. It’s not for a gun control group or the NRA to get in there and make decisions. I don’t know why we don’t trust law enforcement to do what’s right in these situations.”

Where was Horowitz when the New Orleans police, several hundred of them, skipped town and left their jobs to take care of themselves? He wonders why we don’t trust law enforcement to do what’s right. Well, how about because they screwed up. Television cameras showed cops joining in the looting in downtown stores. But if you are a member of the progressive left, looting is okay in times like this.

It is my contention that it is times like hurricane Katrina when law and order has to be at its highest. When the ones Horowitz says we must trust are walking off their jobs, stealing from the stories, are afraid to go downtown because of the reported threats of gun violence and then when they do act, go after those lawful citizens trying to protect themselves, it is no wonder we can’t trust law enforcement.

Law abiding citizens are good and decent people who in times like Katrina would be an asset to the police if needed. Police have their hands full with taking care of the needy and ensuring the thugs are kept under control. It is pointless and a total waste of time to spend it disarming citizens.

If as Horowitz says, there was no evidence to support that New Orleans residents were in any real danger, why did the police not dare to venture into parts of the city? Lawful citizens are not going to turn into instant murderers with their guns because a hurricane has come to town. There are idiots in this world and as we have seen even a few bad police officers. The good police can’t be everwhere and we have the Constitutional right to protect ourselves.

Call you Senator or Congressman and tell them to pass the important bill.

Tom Remington