February 6, 2023

Florida's Governor Jeb Bush Signs Gun Law Bills

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In a private ceremony, Governor Jeb Bush signed into law six bills that affect gun owners in the Sunshine State. One bill that didn’t get passed this term in the Legislature was a repeal of a law that prohibits citizens from possessing guns in their automobiles while on property that belongs to their employers.

A relative hotly contested bill that passed was one that protects the indentification of holders of concealed weapons permits. After a group last year posted on its website the names of people holding concealed weapons permits and their addresses, a movement began to change that and it has successfully made its way through Congress and the Governor signed the new bill.

Other gun and hunting bills signed into law include the following:

• Require the state to set aside a minimum numbers of acres for hunting.

• Allow guns in national forests and state parks by repealing a current law and rule banning them.

• Prohibit the governor from ordering the seizure of firearms during a state of emergency or natural disaster.

• Give an extension to members of the U.S. armed forces who are on active duty and who hold concealed weapons permits to renew the permits by waiving the expiration date and making it valid for up to 180 days after they return home.

• Allow retailers who sell hunting and fishing licenses to provide voter registration applications. The law also gives those seeking licenses by phone or Internet the opportunity to have a voter-registration application mailed to them.

Tom Remington