November 29, 2022

When Entertainment Trumps Reality

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Wildlife, forever wild, natural, Mother Nature…….. These are some of the terms that people use when describing animals they see from their SUVs, pickup trucks, cars, campers and just about anything else that will transport them through areas of park lands.

In reality, none of these terms apply. If these people were actually seeing wildlife, it might be a passing glimpse here or a flash there. More times than not, the wildlife people get to see is what they hit and kill with their cars and trucks.

I’m sorry but we got it all wrong! Society has demanded that our wildlife management organizations bulk-up the populations of our bigger species of so-called wild animals, so they can drive around in their cars and see them. What are we thinking?

Perhaps a better or bigger question would be, who’s paying for this? In just about every state in America, hunters and fisherman are footing the bill and the cost of beefing up the animals is skyrocketing because of the demands.

It’s not that simple either. With the demand and growth in wildlife numbers, many things happen that are completely unnatural. For starters, animals aren’t stupid. They quickly learn where the “safe zones” are and where there is food. These safe zones and food plots belong to many residents in suburban areas. When large numbers of animals congregate, starvation and disease usual run the gamut.

But that doesn’t seem to be enough. We want to see this wildlife from the perspective of a self-guided tour de zoo, that we have pressured the same wildlife officials to create safe zones and feeding stations inside and outside our parks.

You don’t have to be a scientist to realize that newspapers from one end of the U.S. to the other run stories about the difficulties states are having trying to figure out how to control overpopulation, diseases, starvation, car/animal collisions and more.

These problems aren’t natural! They are manmade. We are creating more and more bad situations everyday because entertainment and money are more important than reality.

I’m tired of reading and listening to the environmentalists, conservationists and animal rights groups spewing their ill-informed messages about preserving wildlife. Their idea is to put them in overgrown zoos, what I call National and State parks. What is natural about that?

Each day public dollars are spent to buy and protect land. The mantra that is used to sell the public is that this is necessary to preserve the wilderness. What crap! Buying up land, building roads, establishing wildlife feeding stations along with state of the art viewing areas, is so far from reality it is hideous.

The sale of hunting, trapping and fishing licenses has carried the burden for too long. Like all our spending throughout government, it is out of control and needs to be brought in check.

If anyone wants to view wildlife, or what they think is wildlife, and can’t get out from behind the wheel of their cars to do it, too bad. I for one am sick and tired of footing the bill for the canned wildlife viewing public. I view my wildlife the hard way. I earn it!

If you really want an experience, walk into the woods – no trails, no roads, no guided tour, no signs – just you and the real Mother Nature. But watch out because according to the same conservationists, environmentalists and animal rights groups, one of us crazy, out of control hunters, is itching to kill something to prove our manhood.

Tom Remington