January 31, 2023

Buy An Antlerless Deer Tag Now in Wisconsin

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The Hunter’s Choice program in Wisconsin is now history. With Hunter’s Choice, a hunter could harvest a deer of either sex. When applying for the permit, you had to designate a particular management unit in which to take the deer.

That has now been replaced with a system of being able to purchase antlerless deer permits for $12.00 a pop. Hunters need to remember that this system does not apply to all management units and they should consult their law books for details.

The reason of the change is twofold. One is an effort to help to simplify the system and the other is part of deer management plans. Officials are saying that now deer populations are higher than projected goals and therefore more antlerless deer need to be harvested. Ideally, officials are saying that every 2 out of 3 deer harvested should be antlerless until populations are brought into check.

Tom Remington