December 11, 2023

The Headaches Of Hi-Tech

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Approximately 12 hours ago, I was sitting here at my computer. It was a quiet morning. My wife is visiting with our son and grandchildren in Bangor, Maine. I had just settled in for a day of hard work, getting caught up on my writing and research and to begin toiling away at the numerous stories pounding to get out of my head from my recent trip to Allagash, Maine.

Then all hell broke lose. My computer snagged up and I spent approximately two hours attempting to correct the problem, when I came to the conclusion that it was too far gone. Not a great loss in that it was an older computer that I had rehabbed and thought I could “get by” for the summer. NOT!! But I hated awfully to cough up more money that could have been used someplace else.

I returned from the store about 5 hours ago and have since been loading software, etc., etc. and have just now returned to my post.

Let the blogging begin!

Tom Remington