September 24, 2023

"What Was I Thinking?"

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Actually, it should say, what were they thinking? In an article carried in the Town Hall that discusses the influence the conservative clubs and in particular gun clubs on college campuses has, Peter Hamm, communications director of the Brady Campaign had this to say:

But Peter Hamm, communications director for the Brady Campaign, said he has no fear that college gun clubs will reverse what he believes is the prevailing mood in America. “The gun rights side has to understand that they will never get to the point where most people agree with them,” he said.

Hamm bases his assumption on a Gallup Poll conducted in March of 1993 when 70 percent of the people supported stricter gun laws. That same poll in October of 2004 yielded 54 percent favoring more control.

The trend has changed even more so in the last couple of years and it is clear that the vast majority of Americans either own guns or do not oppose gun ownership to those lawful citizens who want them.

Smart political candidates (oxymoron?) have finally begun to figure out that you can’t win an election with a platform against gun ownership.

Tom Remington