June 4, 2023

American Hunters and Shooters Association – For Gun Rights? Opposed to Gun Rights? Or Middle of the Road?

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The American Hunters and Shooters Association is a grassroots organization that claims to be an alternative to the NRA and to the Brady Campaign. How can that be? I can understand and alternative to the NRA OR an alternative to the Brady Campaign but to both?

The founders are interesting and should pretty much lay the basis for the organization. Robert Ricker is executive director and once served as a lobbyist for the NRA and has in recent years testified in court against the gun industry. He says he left the NRA because of their “all or nothing” attitude.

John Rosenthal is the co-founder of Stop Handgun Violence and is a Boston real estate developer. He is a former board member of the Brady Campaign. He too claims he left the Brady Campaign because of their “all or nothing” attitude.

Can a zebra change its stripes? You decide. Below is taken from their website which is their mission statement. Read carefully as it leaves the door wide open in some areas.

If you are a staunch supporter of the 2nd Amendment, I don’t think you will like what you find. If you are one of those middle of the road, “I think people should be able to own guns BUT……” kind of people, this might be what you’re looking for.

AHSA vigorously defends the constitutional right to keep and bear arms, promotes safe and responsible gun use, and supports reasonable public policies, so that all Americans can enjoy the benefits of this crucial and historic liberty.

“A well regulated Militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed”

These 27 words protect the inviolate rights of Americans to own and use guns. These words are sacred to the American Hunters and Shooters Association, as are the ideals and principles they stand for. Protecting our homes, preserving our liberties, hunting, and sport shooting are constitutionally protected American values that AHSA vigorously defends.

Under the Constitution and laws of the United States, gun ownership is a protected right. But this right when exercised, requires the utmost in responsibility and vigilance. No constitutional right to bear arms exists for criminals, terrorists, or others who seek to abuse the very freedoms our Constitution guarantees. The law is crystal clear on this point: reasonable laws designed to keep guns out of the wrong hands are entirely consistent with the Second Amendment.

AHSA legislative policy will always promote the common sense interests of hunters and shooters. AHSA also will always give top priority to the basic safety and security interests of our communities. In short, AHSA supports rational, deliberative firearms policy crafted to protect our sport and our communities. Moreover, AHSA strongly opposes legislative proposals that violate Second amendment rights by impeding access to firearms by law-abiding citizens. By faithful adherence to basic Second Amendment principles, while balancing the needs of our sport and the needs of our community, AHSA will promote rational and practical firearms policies that serve to bring Americans together.

Tom Remington