February 3, 2023

When Picking a Candidate, Find The Truth About Gun Rights

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Often we can see that gun rights has followed party lines – Dems want more control, Reps support the 2nd Amendment. For years it seems no candidate has been able to win who supports gun control, so a few of the smart ones, being the slick and deceptive politicians they can be, put on sheep’s clothing over their wolf fur and go spouting their support for gun owners. Beware!

In Ohio the two candidates set to square off in the race for Governor are arguing over who supports gun rights more. Rep. candidate Ken Blackwell and Dem. Ted Strictland both brag about how much they are behind our 2nd Amendment rights.

The Black Bear Blog and U.S. Hunting Today are not taking a position on this race, at least at this time, and supporting one candidate over the other but we will say to voters, make sure you do your homework on the candidates if gun rights is an important issue to you. The best way to do that is to research each person’s past record for votes or gun issues and public comments made. If a candidate does not have a track record, about the only thing you can find out is about their personal life.

We all know that candidates will exploit any part of another’s record if they can use it to their advantage. In the Ohio race, candidate Strickland brags about his “A” rating from the NRA on gun rights yet he claims he doesn’t own a gun. This doesn’t necessarily make him suspect but Blackwell is saying if he were a true supporter of gun rights, he would at least own one. Blackwell also points out that Strickland’s choice as a running mate is for gun control.

Strickland on the other hand is putting his voting record on gun rights in the lights and letting voters know that he has a voting record for gun owners and his opponent does not.

Politics as usual and you, the voter, need to get busy and do your homework. As with most elections, voters weigh many issues before casting their ballot but gun rights is always an extremely important issue because it reflects on the basic core of the candidate.

We’ll continue to follow this race and others that seem important to hunting, fishing and the outdoors.

Tom Remington