February 8, 2023

Arizona Woman Doesn't Get A Vote in Senate But Gets Appointed Anyway

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Jennifer Martin is a biologist with a degree from Northern Arizona University specializing in wildlife management. Governor Napolitano had nominated her to serve on the state’s Game and Fish Commission. Although recommended by a Senate committee for the position, Senate president Ken Bennett never brought a vote up onto the floor. Governor Napolitan went ahead and appointed her to an interim position on the board for one year.

It seems there is some controversy over whether she should sit on the Game and Fish Commission because she is a biologist and some believe her to be more of an anit-hunting person. She has very little experience and no voting record so Bennett decided not to allow a vote. With that move, he realized the Governor could then appoint her to an interim position for one year. This would give doubters a chance to see how she performs.

Martin says that even though many tried to paint a picture of her as a fanatical, anti-hunting environmentalist, they would find out during her one-year term that that is not true. Martin has spent three years working as a biologist with the Game and Fish Department.

Tom Remington