January 28, 2023

Game Seasons Set In Kentucky

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The game commission has set the upcoming seasons for hunting. These will be published later in the new hunting guides.

Deer Nov. 11-26, Archery Sept 2-Jan 15, Cross Bow Oct 1-22 and Nov 11-Dec 31, Youth Only Oct 14-15, Muzzle Loader Oct 21-22 and Dec 9-17, Free Youth Dec 30-31.

Turkey Archery Sept 2-15 Jan, Cross Bow (same as for deer), shotgun Oct 28-Nov 3 and Dec 2-8

Squirrel Aug 19-Nov 10 and Nov 13-Feb 28

Rabbit and Quail Nov 13-Feb 10

Early Raccoon and Possum Nov 1

Trapping and Regular coon and possum seasons Nov 13-Feb 28.

Tom Remington