June 4, 2023

Oregon Teen Charged In Poaching Ring

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18-year old Garrett Bradshaw entered a plea agreement with Oregon authorities and was sentenced to 18 months probation and a forfeiture of his hunting privileges for two years. Also part of the deal includes a $1,100 fine, loss of rifle and he cannot be in any vehicle where there is a gun.

Bradshaw was just one of several accused in a poaching ring that took place in and around the Black Point area. A photograph that was recovered by investigators shows Bradshaw and his younger brother standing next to a 9-point black tail buck deer they had shot. Bradshaw cooperated with authorities and a plea agreement was reached.

A search warrant for a Black Point residence back in January produced dozens of guns, 12 sets of deer antlers, countless pictures and videos, ammunition and a bag containing 35 beards from wild turkeys.

There are a total of six accused in this case. Bradshaws plea was the third. Others before him have also reached plea bargain agreements. The ring leader is 21-year old Stephen Price. He has yet to go to trial or reach a plea.

Tom Remington