January 29, 2023

Tired Of The Rain?

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Maybe it’s not raining where you are but here at my camp in Maine it has been raining for 40 days and 40 nights. Animals by the twos are showing up in my backyard and I’m not sure what to do.

I’ve been at it since around 6 a.m. this morning and catching up on some reading and work. I’ve been perusing some interesting stories and thought I would share links with you to go and read if you find the interest. I hope you enjoy.

Parents, Have Faith You Can Teach Your Kids To Love The Outdoors – St. Paul Pioneer Press – Chris Niskanen – A friend who has spent much of his career in front of television cameras, expounding the wonders and techniques of fishing and hunting, tells one of my favorite introduce-a-kid-to-the-outdoors stories.

One-Buck Limit In UP Not Needed – Detroit Free Press – By Eric Sharp – The Natural Resources Commission will discuss limiting Upper Peninsula hunters to shooting one buck per year when it meets in Big Rapids on Thursday, a concept that has been endorsed by deer hunters in the UP.

Biologist: Livestock Losses To Wolves Could Be LessenedHelena Indepent Record – JACKSON, Wyo. – Increased vigilance and denser livestock herds grazing on public land could help reduce losses to wolves, a wolf researcher says.

Readers Do Hunting To Find Vocabulary Apt For Alaska – Anchorage Daily News – By Cinthia Ritchie (This is a cute story) – Quick: What’s a dape? A misslap? A cariboose? If you have no idea what those mean, don’t worry. It’s part of the new Alaska language…

Protect Public From Guns – Tennessean.com – Opinion piece (nauseating) – …the NRA is pushing a measure in Congress that has nothing to do with the Second Amendment or the rights of lawful gun owners.

Agency Says Hunting Has Little Affect – Jackson Hole Star Tribune – By Whitney Royster – JACKSON — Although northwest Wyoming’s moose populations are declining, the Wyoming Game and Fish Department is still issuing hunting licenses for the animal.

Playing Catch-Up On Duck Hunting – The Times-Picayune – By Bob Marshall –
Evidence that this first post-Katrina hurricane season is the summer of The Big Uneasy is hard to miss. You can hear it in conversations at coffee shops and grocery-store lines. You can see it in the forest of “For Sale” signs sprouting on lawns across the city. As we wade deep into the dangerous months, scars we thought had healed are bleeding again, and many of us have begun to wonder: Should we have come back? Should we stay?

But I know at least one contingent of metro area residents is definitely looking to a future that includes south Louisiana: duck hunters.

Black Bear Population Keeps Getting Bigger – Pittsburgh Tribune-Review – By Bob Frye – Failure can be costly, but success can carry a price tag, too, as all of the hunters who killed a Pennsylvania black bear last fall are finding out.

Generally, hunters who harvest a bear in November can expect to get a letter from the Pennsylvania Game Commission the following June telling them how old their animal was. This year, we’ve turned the corner into July and still those letters have yet to be mailed.

Wolf Hunting Debate Rages In Wyoming – ABC News World News Tonight – Jim Avila – July 1, 2006 — Wyoming lost nine of its 1.3 million cattle to wolves last year. The year before the state lost 23 to the canine predators. Both figures are small compared to the number of cows lost to disease and accidents in the state, yet that point is hard to make to cattle ranchers like Alan Ferguson.

Tom Remington