December 8, 2022

Bavarian Bear Bruno Bites the Dust

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A Bavarian hunter in Germany shot and killed Bruno the bear who had migrated north from the outreaches of northern Italy. In a story that has been going around for quite some time of the big bad bear Bruno, who seemed to elude and baffle authorities bent on catching the bruin and throwing him in jail – er, uh a zoo – put the word out to take him dead or alive.

Bavarian officials, who I think may have taken bear management lessons from the Governor of New Jersey, said they weren’t opposed to bears being around they just didn’t want scary bears who do, well, bear things – like eat and get ugly when stupid hikers decide to follow them to get close.

Finally, the Washington Post picks up the story after Bruno met his demise. I have been following the story somewhat but didn’t post anything about it because I thought it was a really stupid story – kind of right up there with stupid animal tricks.

Bruno has been eulogized and gets press coverage much the same way as my Uncle did when he died, except the Washington Post didn’t cover his death.

Bruno was the first bear killed in Germany since 1835. I guess all of Germany has been a “Bear Exclusion Zone”, like in New Jersey. I wonder if the ambassador to Germany from Italy was summonsed to the headquarters of the German government to explain why they allowed one their bears to migrate illegally into the country?

Bruno is gone! What will the newspapers report now?

Tom Remington