December 5, 2022

Wildlife Abounds In Bethel, Maine

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At our camp in Bethel, Maine we have been fortunate enough to get to see a few wild animals that inhabit our woods.

Young Moose

While my wife was excavating an old dump site on our land, she heard what she thought was me coming to check up on her. When she looked up, she saw this young bull staring at her as if to say, “What are you doing here?”

He really had no interest in leaving the area and hung around for awhile. My wife came and got me and I was able to get him to pose for this shot (picture). Since this picture was taken, I’ve seen this guy a few more times hanging around. He has since grown some small antlers.

Baby Chick Partridge

This was the coolest. I was in the process of running my chain saw and cutting up some dead trees and blow-downs. I looked up and saw a female partridge standing on a stump about 20 feet away. She was obviously excited but unlike other times when I’ve encountered a grouse with chicks, she wasn’t that agressive. She more or less remained on the stump with ruffled feathers.

I turned off the saw because I thought the chicks would be nearby. When me ears began to get accustomed to natural noises, I could hear the chicks peeping. Before I could get my saw and get out of there, the chicks (I counted about eight of them) spotted me and began following me wherever I went. These guys were so tiny they had real difficulty negotiating the terrain but they were determined to catch up with me.

I estimated the chicks might have been only days old as you can see from the photo. I got my wife and we headed back to camp in hopes that the chicks would become reunited with their mother.

After about an hour we quietly ventured back to the area where the chicks were. Mom had successfully gathered up her young but they were still hanging around. Before the chicks spotted us again, we gathered up our gear and left them alone.

Tom Remington