March 20, 2023

Gun Control A Political Noose

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The U.S. News and World Report boasts a story this morning stating that politicians are turning their backs on gun control issues because it is politically disastrous to support them. Oklahoma Rep. Dan Boren told USNWR…

“When we as Democrats are trying to reach out and speak to voters in the center of the country, I don’t think that we can support gun control,”

The article went on to say….

After seeing Democrats hammered at the polls for voting to regulate guns, many of his colleagues seem to agree. As a result, a number of pro-gun measures moving through Congress will most likely face little opposition, as advocates of gun control increasingly find themselves marginalized and ignored.

Saul Cornell of Ohio State’s Second Amendment Research Center says that,

….polls consistently show broad support for gun control. What gives the gun lobby strength, he says, is that supporters see gun control as a make-or-break issue. With that passion comes money. Gun-rights groups contributed nearly 14 times as much as gun-control groups in the 2004 election cycle, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.

My faith in polls is about as strong as my belief that the Pope will convert to Islam. By making a broad statement saying that support for gun control is widespread, is misleading. It needs to be defined as to what is meant by gun control. Many people want some restrictions on guns, like keeping them out of the hands of convicted felons. It is my belief that Americans favor these kinds of gun controls but are objectionable to strict laws forbidding ownership by lawful citizens.

Money has always been the determining factor in elections quite often. Without getting into a debate about election reform and money, it is always the losers who complain about money issues when it comes to elections.

If it is true that gun advocates produced 14 times the amount of money to elect pro gun politicians, then it must be assumed one of two things – either all gun owners are wealthy or the majority of Americans are passionate about their Constitutional right to own arms.

One piece of advice I will give and always have when deciding on who to vote for in upcoming elections, beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing. As politicians vie for vacant spots, they will say anything to get the vote. This is true for all politicians not just those opposed to guns. Do your homework and look at past voting records. These will tell the real story.

Tom Remington