January 27, 2023

More Wolf Attacks in Idaho And Minnesota

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Scott Richards, who has been sending me information about his hunting dogs he lost in a wolf attack in Idaho, also has sent me a story with pictures of family friends who lost one of their pet “wiener” dogs, as Scott refers to Duke as.

May 21, 2006 Amber was watching her 2 sons and niece play in the pasture below their house. The children had been running back and forth from the house to the pasture passing a small stand of trees each time to get water and toys.

The third time they passed the trees, wolves came out and grabbed their little wiener dog Duke and fled with him in their mouths. Duke was screaming as they carried him away completely out of earshot and probably back to the den. Steve followed the blood trail until the blood ran out and could find nothing but wolf tracks.

The fish and game were called and they sent the federal fish and game 3 days later. He confirmed it was wolves and said there was nothing he could do. They would have to speak to state fish and game, he had 3 other reports to look into that day.

The fish and game office told Amber the wolves would be gone in a few days, they never stay around too long. She had been seeing these same wolves for over a month and when she would call her dogs into the house the wolves would not retreat. They would come closer. She does not let her dogs out to roam any longer.

In Minnesota, an eerily similar story of a family who lost their dachshund named Buddy to a brazen wolf. The wolf came right into the family yard in broad daylight and snatched up the dachshund, trotting away down the road. Attempts by the other larger family dog to stop the wolf produced no reaction at all from the wolf.

You can read this whole story here.

I am reading more and more about these kinds of attacks in areas where the grey wolf is prospering. Some feel as though they are being misled with false and incomplete information about the wolf because of its protected status.

Homeowners, ranchers, hunters, and owners of hunting dogs are getting concerned about this problem and are beginning to speak out to get something done.

Do you have a wolf story? Send it to me and share with the rest or submit it under comments.

Tom Remington