December 11, 2023

Michigan Congressional Hopefuls State Stances On Gun Control

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There are six candidates vieing for the 7th Congressional District in Washington, D.C. They were posed several questions by The Daily Telegram about were they each stand on specific issues. Included in those questions was one concerning gun control. Here are their responses. (Candidates are, Joe Schwarz republican incumbent, Tim Walberg republican challenger, Daryl Campbell democrat, Chuck Ream democrat, Sharon Renier democrat and Fred Stack democrat.)

SCHWARZ: Says that “my position is a very strong position in support of the Second Amendment.” Has come under fire from his opponent for telling the Detroit Free Press in 2002 that he believed the Second Amendment was meant to preserve the rights of states to maintain armed militias, rather than individual rights to bear arms. Has been endorsed by the National Rifle Association Political Victory Fund.

WALBERG: Says he supports the Second Amendment and believes it was written to protect the rights of individuals. Has been endorsed by the Gun Owners of America Political Victory Fund.

CAMPBELL: Says he supports the Second Amendment, but believes it should be coupled with “common sense.”

REAM: Says he supports gun rights and belongs to the NRA, but is sure “there are some things the NRA believes in that I don’t believe in.”

RENIER: Says she is a card-carrying NRA member who supports gun rights.

STRACK: Says that “I fully support our Second Amendment rights to responsible gun ownership.”

Those responses were about as clear as mud. A typical political response that says nothing. They might as well as asked why the sun shines.

Tom Remington