December 2, 2022

Bruno The Bavarian Brown Bear Story Expands – Now Momma Bear a Target

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The other day I told you about Bruno’s brother who was now a target for German snipers looking to kill a bear. Afterall, they haven’t had a brown bear in their country for some time. They are trying to achieve “bearnic” cleansing. It seems that Bruno’s brother has a name – Life Ursus (yeah I know. I didn’t name him that. Why not something more catchy. Anything but Teddy.)

The family, comprised of Daddy bear, Jose, who is a bad Daddy because he never sticks around to help with family chores, etc., Momma bear, Jurka, the late Bruno and brother Life Ursus – I’ll just call him Ursy.

This family of bears reside in northern Italy and are somewhat cared for by the Italian powers. It’s a socialistic thing of sharing in the wealth and being fed by the government. Not everyone likes the family Browns because many feel the Browns get more than their fair share. They are viewed at times as having capitalistic tendencies. They have been harrassed and run out of many towns until one day Bruno stepped into German territory. That ended his run.

His brother, Ursy, is headed north toward Germany too not knowing what happened to his brother. The news and information sources are tightly controlled by the government. Poor Ursy. Being the good mother that she is, Jurka is chasing after him while Daddy keeps filling his belly with chickens, sheep, pigs and pretty much whatever he can get his paws on. Life is good.

There was a giant summit between Italy, Germany and Austria to work out the details of how to deal with these terrorist bears. The security was extremely tight. It was said then by the Germany authorities that any bears crossing the border would be shot on sight. Bearnic cleansing is an extremely important social matter with the German people.

This is a prime example of what happens when you take a good decent family and teach them the ways of socialism! What will become of the family Browns? Will some other socialistic government take the bears in? Will Ursy meet an attractive female bear on his trek toward freedom? We may never know until another brave reporter secretly mingles among the bear to get the story and finds a way to smuggle video footage out of the country. Until then we can only hope and pray that Ursy and Jurka don’t run into any Gestapo German snipers.

Have a good day and by all means, please don’t take me seriously.

Tom Remington