June 6, 2023

That'll Teach 'Em To Go Messing With Gall Bladders

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A couple in Canada got caught with two gall bladders taken from two bears. No, they didn’t extract the bladders from live bears. They killed them first and then did it. But, they got caught and now are paying for it – $6,000 and their hunting gear.

They were following their doctors orders.

Kwang Ho Yoon and his wife, Myung Soon Yoon, killed two bears and removed their gall bladders as instructed by a doctor in Korea.

So what’s the big deal about bear gall bladders anyway?

The Korean doctor said the organs would be good for the woman’s ailments.
Traditional Chinese medicine claims bear gall bladders are good for the treatment of cancer, burns, eye pain, liver damage and sagging libido.

A sagging what??

Tom Remington