December 3, 2023

Trigger Locks a Waste of Money and Lawyers Donate to Democrats

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This is an interesting read at News Busters. The article is geared mostly to the fact that lawyers contribute more money to democrats in campaign financing than to the republicans. The speculation here is that lawyers will do this to ensure their own job security. Could this be? ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha ……

In citing case studies done to determine how much return on investment lawyers are getting, trigger locks was one issue looked at. You can go read the entire article if you want. I would recommend it but below are some interesting tidbits and more information the next time you get into a discussion about guns, gun safety, etc.

Trigger locks are part of an overall strategy to legislate how people are to safely store firearms in the home. When Lott studied the effect of safe storage laws, including mandatory locking of firearms in the home, he found these laws to have no positive impact on accidental shooting deaths, suicide, or violent crime rates, read this blog for more information. The Centers for Disease Control also concluded that research hadn’t revealed any significant value in such laws. When a research council of the National Academy of Sciences studied these laws, their conclusion was corroborative:
In general, we find that the scientific bases for understanding the impact of different technologies on the rates of injury is sorely lacking. The existing research outlines a number of interesting hypotheses, but, in the end, the extent to which different technologies affect injury remains unknown.

Trigger locks increase a firearm’s cost, negatively influencing buying decisions for economically disadvantaged homeowners who want to protect their family. This reduces demand, a primary goal for gun controllers.

Do you think the anti-gun crowd is smart enough that they would knowingly want the trigger locks because it increases the price of guns therefore indirectly forcing them to not be able to buy a gun? I doubt it very seriously but gun rights advocates have been beating this against the thick skulls of the anti-gun crowd for years.

This was one example cited in the article, the rest of the article spells out quite clearly who makes the money in lawsuits and why lawyers make big contributions. Duh!

Tom Remington