December 8, 2022

Continuing Coverage of the Mystery Beast

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*Update 1:30 pm*
The Bangor Daily News has more on the mystery beast found near Turner, Maine over the weekend. I particulary enjoyed the statement made by an observer.

One person who posted comments about the mystery animal in a blog had her own theory: perhaps the animal that was killed in Turner over the weekend died as a result of a run-in with the real mystery creature, which still remains a phantom.

Now that, ladies and gentlemen, is how to keep a good story thriving.

Tom Remington

*Update 1:30 pm*

I have been reading different accounts of this story. There are two stories in the Bangor Daily news here and here. I can’t believe there are people out there who want to kill such an entertaining story (for those of you who might not suspect anything here, I’m kidding. Go with me on this.).

I have received comments here and at the Maine Hunting Forums where I also posted the picture. Some just want to pass it off as a dog and another mourns the loss of life.

Come on people. We live in the same state as Stephen King. What better place than to find a creature of unknown origin that’s black to boot. I still have yet to find a better comment than the one saying that maybe the real mystery beast chased this thing, whatever it is, into the road and the Mystery Beast lives on. Now that makes a much more interesting story. Don’t you think?

Just think. It appears that no real definative answers will be learned therefore the stories can continue. The howls at night will still be heard. The strange looking creature spotted only in glimpses here and there will live on, yes, yes, YES!

Okay, I’m a little over the top on this one but there are a lot of people out they starving for closure on this mystery beast thing. Even the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife wouldn’t play along. According to one article in the Bangor Daily News, a game warden in Poland was a real party pooper.

The neighbors who found the animal called a Maine game warden who told them he could not drive from Poland to Turner to inspect the remains. The warden told them it was probably a coyote and told them to research it online. They were advised to call Central Maine Power Co. to haul the carcass away, since it was found near the power lines.

What a downer. Call CMP and haul the carcass away? No fun at all. I think someone should take the photos available and enter into a few quiet hours of Photoshop time and really spice this story up. Let’s put Maine on the map and get all sorts of stories and rumors flying about.

I’ll get you started. One night when I was visiting my son in Bangor, we went for a walk by Stephen King’s house and I know I saw something that could very well have been a mystery beast……….to be continued.

Tom Remington