September 28, 2023

Federal Judge Refuses To Let New Orleans Off The Hook

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Following last year’s August 29th hurricane in New Orleans, the NRA and Second Amendment Foundation filed a lawsuit against city mayor Ray Nagin and then chief of police Warren Riley.

According to this article at the KATC3 Television website the suit says:

“Mayor Nagin ordered the New Orleans police and other law enforcement entities under his authority to evict persons from their homes and to confiscate the lawfully possessed firearms.”

In a motion by the city of New Orleans to have the suit dismissed, city attorney Penya M. Moses-Fields filed this statement:

“the states, and by extension their political subdivisions, are free to proscribe the possession of firearms.”

That’s pretty scary stuff when you think about it. What might have been more accurate in that statement would have been to add the words “at the descretion of the city mayor”.

Tom Remington