September 30, 2022

World Hunting Association Drops Tranquilizer Darts

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David Farbman founder of the new World Hunting Association announced over the weekend they are going to drop the use of tranquilizer darts in shooting whitetail deer. The WHA has hopes of turning deer hunting into what bass fishing has become, a professional catch and release sport that generates a lot of interest and has the backing of some big name sponsors. So far that has fallen way short.

Farbman’s announcement said that it appeared the use of tranquilizer darts for a catch and release approach to hunting, was the biggest issue of contention with those opposed to what they are trying to do. I’m not sure I see it that way but that’s only my perspective.

It appears now that the WHA will revamp its scoring plans to account for an animal harvest using different forms of weaponry as well as trophy bucks, young bucks and does all being used for scoring purposes.

The first tournament of the WHA will take place at the Lost Arrow Ranch near Gladwin, Michigan on Oct. 5.

Tom Remington