October 3, 2022

"I Voted For It Before I Voted Against It"

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Remember that statement by the Democratic candidate for President in 2004, John Kerry? Not all politicians are dumb enough to be so forthcoming in their attempt at changing their position in hopes of pleasing the majority. No, most have learned clever ways of hiding behind the truth when it comes to social and policitcal issues.

As we head into mid-term elections, we will be getting a major dose of lies and deception from all politicians. I’m sorry if this comes as a shock to some of you but all politicians of every political party practices in the fine art of deception.

And before we can catch our breaths from the mid-terms, the 2008 Presidential race will be in full swing.

This is just a friendly reminder to everyone to not be fooled into believing everything you hear during a campaign. Every candidate since the beginning of time scrambles to “realign” themselves in hopes of garnering the most votes.

This has already begun particularly where it concerns 2nd Amendment issues. Just remember, a leopard can’t change its spots but if they get dirty, it becomes a bit harder to distinguish what are real spots. Do your homework. A politicians past record speaks volumes. The present rhetoric is just an attempt at stealing your vote.

Tom Remington