June 3, 2023

Why Search And Rescue Should Be A Law Enforcement Issue

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Vermont Fish and Game officials have announced that their budget for search and rescue operations is now in the red about $30,000. Because of the increase in the need for search and rescue, the department may have to rob money from other programs to keep the program in operation. Officials there say there is usually a surplus by the end of the year.

Search and rescue is one of those items that must be removed from all state’s fish and game departments. At least those that still have them. Vermont is no different than many states where a majority if not all the funds that support their operation come from license fees paid by hunters, trappers and fishermen.

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out that a big majority of seach and rescue victims DO NOT come from rescuing hunters, trappers and fishermen. This is a function of government that needs be funded by the general taxation as it is a function of it.

Now it may become necessary that other vital programs that maintain our wildlife will need to be scaled back or eliminated because another hiker got lost or injured and the license buyers are paying the bill.

Tom Remington