December 9, 2022

Maine's "Any-Deer" Permits Will Be Drawn September 8

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Just a reminder for those watching closely, the Any-Deer permits for Maine will be drawn on September 8th and posted on the website for the MDIF&W by 3:00 pm that day.

This year 80,765 hunters have applied for the 67,725 permits that are available, meaning your odds are pretty good at getting one.

There is something in the figures of this year compared to last year that at least raises one of my eyebrows. Last season 85,451 hunters applied for Any-Deer permits. Is this because fewer hunters are hunting? Is this because fewer hunters want a permit – that simple? Is this because hunters are more confident in their ability to be able to bag a buck? I find it a significant decrease from one year to the next.

We’ll have to see come the end of deer season what the numbers tell us.

Tom Remington