January 30, 2023

Perhaps They Make A Finely Tuned Automobile But A Papier-Mache Elk?

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According to this report from the United Press International, Sweden is making papier-mache elks to remind drivers that elk roam the highways too.

Papier-mache elks are being used to remind Swedish drivers of the dangers lurking along the side of the road.

Police say about 35,000 elk are hit on Swedish roads each year.

The imitation elks are being placed about 80 to 160 feet from the road so that they appear as real as possible. Police will then stop many drivers and ask them if they saw the animal, the Local reported.

Some 9,000 car travelers were stopped during last year’s campaign.

35,000 elk and vehicle collisions is a lot. And then the police stop drivers to ask them if they saw the fake elks? What do they want to know if the elk looks real? Are they asked to judge the quality of the paper elk and award a blue ribbon to the best made fake elk?

I understand the program is designed to educate drivers as to the hazzards on the highways. I think what they really need to do is import a few damned Yankees and turn them loose on a few days hunt. That would help, don’t you think?

Tom Remington