February 2, 2023

The Teddy Bear Syndrome

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All bears are cuddly little creatures that humans should take home with them and tuck them into bed with their children at night. This is the picture that has been painted in the brains of people for decades. It is often called the Disney Syndrome or the Disney Affect. Some just can’t get it through their heads that some animals, like the bear, as beautiful as it can be and as gentle as it may appear, can be a deadly killer.

Here is a brief letter to the editor I stumbled across this morning from a reader who thinks bears are cute and cuddly and of course they couldn’t complete their rant without calling all hunters cowards. So what else is new?

On a recent visit to my daughter in Vernon, I had the incredible opportunity to see a black bear for the first time. I was amazed at how gentle this creature was. In the one minute it took for her to slowly walk through the backyard, I could not take my eyes off of her. At no time was I ever afraid or felt threatened in any way. Thank you to the BEAR Group for working so hard to educate the public and for their extraordinary efforts in protecting these animals from hunting. The hunters should be ashamed of themselves. Anyone who would kill one of these gentle and beautiful bears just for fun is a worthless coward who obviously cannot feel like a man unless he is killing a defenseless animal.

Makes you wonder what the BEAR Group is teaching people.

Tom Remington