January 30, 2023

North Woods Bear Hunting Update

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I got a report from our man in the woods, Rod Davis, at Libby’s Camps in Oxbow, Maine again this morning. Sounds like Rod got a little impatient and moved to another stand. Shouldn’t have done that Rod. Here’s his report and picture.

More news from Northern Maine!

I chose to change stands on Wednesday night after seeing no bears for two nights. Brenda, the mother of the young lady who killed the bear Monday was moved onto my stand by the guides and killed a 200 lb. bear! Next time, I’ll stay put!

There is another family here with three generations of guys, all named Sam. As of Wednesday, all three Sams, from grandfather down to grandson, killed bears from the same stand on consecutive nights!!

Two more nights to hunt for me, then the big drive home begins. I am attaching a picture of my son-in-law’s, brother-in-law and the 200 lb bear he shot Monday. His name is Doug Lambert of Hewitt, WV.


Tom Remington