January 28, 2023

Hunting Seasons Opening Everywhere

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As all hunters know, there is a hunting season coming to your neighborhood soon. If it hasn’t already begun, more than likely the start is today or Saturday. On Monday of this week the black bear hunting season opened in Maine. Mourning dove seasons open in nearly every state that allows hunting of the bird. The truth is hunters are anxious and are planning to make an outing soon.

In Montana archery season opens Saturday for elk, deer and antelope. Nearly 30,000 hunters will be headed out. Find out what might be in store by reading this article in the Great Falls Tribune.

In Colorado, the elk season opened last Saturday to monsoon-type rains. Ed Dentry of the Rocky Mountain News covers that wet story for you.

If you haven’t got your gear ready yet, you better get on the ball. Game awaits!

Tom Remington