February 7, 2023

Whaaaaa! Whaaaaaaa! Whaaaaaaa!

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Sounds of a bratty little kid who can’t have his way! The best way to counter the whining, crying, irrational and unreasonable people who think animals are human beings, is to just expose them for what they are. Here’s another in a long line of letters abhoring the sport of hunting. I’ll give you the low-lights.

I cannot for a moment imagine intruding on an animal’s own habitat, and shooting and killing it for fun.

Yup, that’s what we do. We just load em up and blast away randomly killing anything that’s alive. That’s why people better stay out of the woods when hunters are in them.

It never ceases to amaze me that the murder of animals can be considered a “sport.” A sport involves two relatively equal sides. Are the animals told the rules? Are they provided with guns or bows and arrows? Please tell me where the sport is in this picture.

Of course the animals are given the rules! If they are the creatures this person thinks they are they can read, write and have emotions therefore they can read the rules too. And nobody is stopping them from going downtown and buying a gun or bow and arrows. Who does she think we are? Some kind of socialistic democrats bent on keeping the wildlife down and out?

Further, most people are unaware that hunting is permitted on wildlife refuges. A refuge is supposed to be a place of safety and serenity. Not a place where poor, helpless animals are blown to bits or severely injured.

Who told this person? I thought this was a secret. The last time I visited the Green Swamp Wildlife Refuge in central Florida, I came across several deer reclining in their chaise lounges sipping on pinacoladas. I remember I spoke to one big buck and told him he better get on some sun screen before he got skin cancer. Actually I was tricking him because my plan was to blow him to bits just for the fun of it or maybe I would just severly wound him. That would be more fun and would last longer. I’d get my money’s worth out of that.

Did you know that animals now in our refuges can opt in for either satelite or cable TV? Oh yeah! There were too many allegators complaining that while getting their pedicures they got bored.

As a social worker with 30 years’ experience working with young people, it particularly concerns me when hunters indoctrinate their children into this violent “sport.” 

Ah, ha! I knew I was onto something when I mentioned socialistic. Now I understand. And this highly educated social worker needs to understand that statistics show that kids who grow up with guns and learn about the SPORT of hunting, almost never grow up violent and abuse guns. Maybe this person should concentrate on getting the foster kids out of the homes of child molesters.

If the South Florida Sun-Sentinel insists on writing so enthusiastically about this horrific activity, please include it where it belongs — next to the stories about violent crimes — not on the sports pages.

Absolutely! Let’s not have hunting activities show up on the same pages where professional basketball players jump into the crowd and beat the crud out of a fan. Or that picture and story of the hockey game that broke out at the fight the other night. Or the masses who died and got injured at the soccer match. Or the stories of the baseball players and other pro athletes who achieve bigger and better things in their SPORTS by using drug enhancers. No, we wouldn’t want hunting included with that.

We all should write a letter to this person thanking them for doing so much to put hunting in the light where it belongs.

Tom Remington